Sonja Dene Dance Studios

The Leading Dance Studio in the Hills District, Sydney, NSW, since 1986

Programs & Enrolment Requirements

Happy Feet Ballet/Jazz

Students from 3 years

Classical Ballet

Students from 5 years to Professional

Classical (RAD) Exam

The Royal Academy of Dance offers an internationally recognised portfolio of examinations and assessments which is designed to motivate and encourage students of all ages and levels of ability, through a systematic measurement of progress and attainment. Examinations are organised and administered by the RAD Examinations Board. Students may start with the Pre-School Dance curriculum, move up through Pre-Primary and Primary levels and then into eight Graded levels or six Vocational Graded levels. Students may move from the Graded pathway to the Vocational Graded pathway at an appropriate time; or they may study both pathways simultaneously. Students are required to attend all classes listed as per timetable and will be entered for RAD exams at the Principals discretion.


Grade 4/5 Intermediate Foundation/Intermediate/Advanced

To enrol students are required to attend all classical classes listed as per timetable.


Students from 5 years to Professional

Junior Coaching Program

The Junior Coaching Program is one of the paths that students take towards a career in dance. We offer Night time classes with Sonja Dene Dance Studios which houses the The Junior Coaching Program, and we have a full time facility: Vocational Ballet College NSW that offers a Transition Course and a Full Time Diploma Course catered to High School aged students.

Performance Group (by invitation only)
  • Classical
  • Contemporary/Lyrical
  • Musical Theatre

Extension Program for Vocational Students

Vocational Ballet College NSW

Designed for those students pursuing a career in dance who would like additional coaching, guidance and preparation. The classes complement any current training regime, regardless of which syllabus is being undertaken.
Use this link for more info at the VBCNSW site regarding the Transition Course and a Full Time Diploma Course catered to High School aged students.